Tuesday, 2 March 2010

my new start lol cheesy

hi, so i guess i can write whatever i want on here seeing that no body is ever probably going to read it......
so the last couple of weeks have been amazing for me, i have found a new sport (free running) and it just seems like this sport was made for me, i really feel different now i have a passion for something and it is just one of those things which you just cant stop thinking about!! i feel like my life style is going to get a whole lot more busy seeing that i just want to free run 24/7. it is all i think and dream about i mean these people that i watch and train with are on a compleat death wish and it just really excites me!! i give great respect to all the fellow free runners and i think the sport is just simply wow !! at the moment i am in such a happy place and with all of this anger and rage between my friends at the moment i just could not care less !! i really feel like this has changed me, its something that i really care about which hasnt happend in such a long time, haha long rambling post and you know what, i dont think im going to ever update again because tbh i rather free run, spend my life doing something i really enjoy not waste my time just thinking and thats how the rest of my life is going to be !! peace out and good bye :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

hello :) new day new post ... !!
so today... well to start thank god its friday !!
haha so i found thius picture earlier and i loled so i thouht i would put it on my blog....

Thursday, 4 February 2010

hello again,
so todayday at school was pretty awsome really !! i started the day with child development which was kinda strange as i was sitting there, in a gcse lesson playing with a thomas the tank engine train and reading kipper :S it was a laugh though!!
then i had double PE and that was the best lesson by far as we got to go in the dance studio and me, catherine and kelly made up the most fantabulous dance ever!! we deffo beet the chavs which were on the other side of the room who we were kinda owning lol !! yer then i had english that was kind of muahww cba to write an eassay on poems zzzzzzz but then best of all..... Science with the two most wierdest and wonderfullest girlies i know... drum rolll please .. erin and tegan haha yer science was definately fun with the beeps and a tennis ball yer i kind of have to be there moment!! ohh and then the walk home welll errmmm ... interesting as allways !!
so yer thats about me done for the day .. ohh one last thing parents evening to night im freaking out... oh well what ever happens happens !! life moto!!
yer keep following because dont forget my dream is to be a famous blooger
lots of love please follow
jess xxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

hello everybody,
well the most awsomest person in the world started my blog and i am over the moon !!
well where to start ?? ok well hi im jess, this isnt a thing that i would normally do but hay im going to give it a shot, knowing me i will llways forget to post!!
ching ching ching i would just like to take this opertunity to say a big thankyou to Tegan Marlow, Erin Rimmer, Zara Dawett, Sophie Winter, kate Izatt, Emily Tompson and Catherine Keegan because i love all you gyess soooooo much and these are the greatest friends to me!! as i think you have already read i am hugely into gymnastics i would have to say i m the biggest Rebbecka Wing fan in the word as i use to train with her (she probably wont rember me though) and she did awsome in the bejing olimpics unluck towards her injury, but great hopes to 2012!!
ok so im going to go, but please keep reading my blog because i want too become a famous blogger haha !!
thankyou for reading
love jess !! xxx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

First post!

hey everybody - tegan here, i just did up jess's blog, hope you likey ;) xx