Wednesday, 3 February 2010

hello everybody,
well the most awsomest person in the world started my blog and i am over the moon !!
well where to start ?? ok well hi im jess, this isnt a thing that i would normally do but hay im going to give it a shot, knowing me i will llways forget to post!!
ching ching ching i would just like to take this opertunity to say a big thankyou to Tegan Marlow, Erin Rimmer, Zara Dawett, Sophie Winter, kate Izatt, Emily Tompson and Catherine Keegan because i love all you gyess soooooo much and these are the greatest friends to me!! as i think you have already read i am hugely into gymnastics i would have to say i m the biggest Rebbecka Wing fan in the word as i use to train with her (she probably wont rember me though) and she did awsome in the bejing olimpics unluck towards her injury, but great hopes to 2012!!
ok so im going to go, but please keep reading my blog because i want too become a famous blogger haha !!
thankyou for reading
love jess !! xxx

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  1. hahah you spelt Katherine wrong lolzzz :P just for future reference, and I love you too :) WOW you trained with Rebecca Wing?! oh and a tip you should probably include like a pic or something x