Tuesday, 2 March 2010

my new start lol cheesy

hi, so i guess i can write whatever i want on here seeing that no body is ever probably going to read it......
so the last couple of weeks have been amazing for me, i have found a new sport (free running) and it just seems like this sport was made for me, i really feel different now i have a passion for something and it is just one of those things which you just cant stop thinking about!! i feel like my life style is going to get a whole lot more busy seeing that i just want to free run 24/7. it is all i think and dream about i mean these people that i watch and train with are on a compleat death wish and it just really excites me!! i give great respect to all the fellow free runners and i think the sport is just simply wow !! at the moment i am in such a happy place and with all of this anger and rage between my friends at the moment i just could not care less !! i really feel like this has changed me, its something that i really care about which hasnt happend in such a long time, haha long rambling post and you know what, i dont think im going to ever update again because tbh i rather free run, spend my life doing something i really enjoy not waste my time just thinking and thats how the rest of my life is going to be !! peace out and good bye :)

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